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Pandle is a free cloud-based bookkeeping software.
Simple to use, yet comprehensive in its capabilities. Designed Pandle from the ground up, Pandle caters for small businesses.

So how much does it cost?
Pandle is completely free. That’s right there’s no demos or trial periods, simply sign up and start entering transactions today!

Our Story

We decided to develop Pandle way back in February 2013 (it feels like a long time ago!) after realising that the vast majority of bookkeeping software packages made what should be a simple task extremely daunting and time consuming for the average business owner. We wanted to design a bookkeeping system that caters specifically for UK small businesses, and one that doesn’t needlessly complicate the process of recording your businesses’ financial transactions.

Our Mission

Our mission statement is clear: develop a simple to use and blazingly fast bookkeeping system that changes the way small businesses tackle their bookkeeping.

Our Philosophy

If it complicates the task of bookkeeping for the average UK small business, then we don’t include it in our software. We do not and will never try to cater for the 1% of businesses that need complex features such as departmental analysis and time tracking. If you need such features then Pandle possibly isn’t for you!

So what’s all this cloud accounting about anyways?

Cloud accounting put simply, is storing your financial data on a server and accessing it remotely, i.e. anywhere in the world with an internet connection.The ‘cloud’ refers to the place the data is stored; usually huge server farms which consist of thousands of computers with a sole purpose of storing data securely so it can be accessed from anywhere. These server farms have primary servers and back up servers (often across multiple locations) for redundancy reasons. So if there was a hardware failure, backups are in place which can be immediately accessed.

The ‘cloud’ is not actually a new concept, the idea has been around since the 1950’s and some argue earlier. It is only over the last decade or so that we have been able to make good use of cloud accounting due to the improvements in internet connections and speed.
What are the advantages of cloud accounting?

There are many advantages to using cloud based accounting software, but here are the two most important ones…
Less hassle

Remember all the hassles associated with traditional software? You went to PC World to buy a CD, checked your computer had the right specifications for the software, installed the software with wizards and serial keys only to receive error messages that you had to Google or call support about. You then had to pay for the latest version of the product and go through the whole thing again. With cloud bookkeeping you simply register online and the rest is taken care of.
Less expense

Cloud accounting is much cheaper as a whole than buying traditional software. It is usually a low monthly subscription for unlimited data and users etc. Cloud accounting providers can offer a cheaper service because of economies of scale. As the data farms have all the hardware in select locations and buy so much of it in, they benefit from discounts in volume which benefits everyone, right down to the user.

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