What I learned on my train journey to London

October 17, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Accountants News

train to London

It still amazes me that people use their train journeys as an opportunity to have open conversations about their company/projects and people somehow believing that no one is listening or even understands the information they are broadcasting or are able to assimilate the content and a few clues into a fairly complete set of information.

This morning I joined the train at my usual stop Newcastle on my weekly journey to London. I won’t share the exact train to avoid embarrassing anyone. Opposite were two mid-thirties gentlemen who started talking about some project issues they were having and two major global suppliers who are blaming themselves for the stalling of a project.

From a quick glance at their laptops, I could determine the company they worked for. IT departments seem to think it’s a good idea to put an asset tag on each device with the company logo on it.

The conversation has moved to sales numbers and forecasts and personnel issues and I am getting quite an education into the structure of the business and their challenges in their department.

Most sane people wouldn’t webcast their internal meetings on the web so why on earth would you have such an open conversation in public. It does, however, give unscrupulous people the opportunity to use this information to launch cyber-attacks against such organisations. It is every employees’ responsibility to protect the businesses intellectual assets by being cautious at all times.

I guess the moral of the story is as they used to say “Loose lips sink ships.”

LATEST UPDATE: Now know where their data centres are what version of software they are running. What the applications does and how much they make from it!!!! Will keep everyone posted as I get nearer London.

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