Investigating Tax Fraud in the UK

June 25, 2015 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Accountants News

High on the agenda of the HMRC is the prosecution and investigation of Tax Fraud in the UK. Last week, children’s nursery boss Michael Scott, aged 63 was found guilty of tax fraud amounting to a total of £945,000.

Following a four-week trial at Southampton Crown Court for tax fraud offences committed between 2007 and 2011, Scott was found to be guilty of failing to account for National Insurance and Pay as You Earn contributions, and as a result abusing his position as an employer.

In March this year, the UK government announced plans to penalise companies who have aided tax evasion.

“No longer should any organisation be able to get away with facilitating or abetting others to evade tax”, said Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander. “For too long, our tax system struggled with the fact that a small minority felt it perfectly OK to indulge in tax avoidance and commit the crime of tax evasion…The public will not tolerate being stolen from any more” he added.

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